OFF-Grid Solar System


OFF-Grid Solar System is designed by our quality engineer to get maximum efficiency from PV modules and increase back up time without sun arrays. The load is driven by OFF Grid with battery .This power inverter is installed on the main supply to home and power generated from the solar. The power generated solar is used in the load and also stored in the battery for uses in night or without sunny days.


1.     Solar PV panels mounted on your roof or near your house capture energy from the sun and convert this energy into DC electricity

2.     A Solar Inverter converts this DC electricity into 230V AC electricity. 

3.     The main switchboard takes electricity from the solar inverter or battery inverter and sends it to power your home. 

4.     The battery inverter is two way and can take surplus electricity from the main switchboard and convert in into DC electricity to be stored in batteries or demand is their convert stored DC electricity from the batteries into AC electricity to power your house. 





We size all JK Energy Off-Grid electricity systems based on winter production as this is when your system produces the least electricity and when most households have the highest demand for electricity.

Two families might live in similar sized homes but use very different amounts of energy. One family might have people at home during the day while the other family are all away at work during the day. For this reason every system JK Energy designs is customized for each client.

Our first step with all our clients is a Full Energy Audit. When JK Energy conducts the energy audit we take into account many factors including a families: lifestyle, life stage, house design, their electrical appliances - when they use them, for how long and how often. 



Solar PV panels generate electricity during the day when the sun is shining, but households use electricity throughout the day. When JK Energy designs an off-grid system we take into account how much energy you use and when, so we have enough solar PV panels to generate electricity and enough batteries to store the power for use at night. Households who use lots of energy at night will need more batteries than a household that uses most of their power during the day. 


Main feature of our OFF-Grid Solar System

  • OFF-Grid system is without depending on Grid inverter
  • Costly than ON-Grid system
  • MNRE approved solar plates and other accessories as required.
  • BACKUP is available in the system and battery or charge controller is required
  • In the absence of sun light the system start working automatically by the help of battery backup.